Organizing Your Trip


The tourist season in Iceland is from June through September. After deciding to go this year, we checked and discovered that the most favorable time of year for the trip, from a weather aspect, was July. It's relatively warmer then and not as rainy. The Northern Lights aren't visible during July, but all the other sights and experiences on this amazing island make up for that.
Flights – We booked our flights at the beginning of March – it's worth booking a few months in advance as the prices go up later on in the year.
Hotels – We booked hotel rooms during March and April. We advise you to book rooms a few months in advance if you want to "catch" them at a reasonable price. Note that because the trip we planned had a circular route, we needed to plan our course first, and then make hotel bookings – at a different hotel each night.
A "home-based" trip isn't suitable for Iceland.