Day 6: Myvatn Area (Krafla, Leirhnjukur - Dimmuborgir, Hverir) - Godafoss Falls – Akureyri


MyvatnDrive on Route1 to the Myvatn area, a drive through colorful desert. When you get closer to the Myvatn area, you can see vapor in the distance, from a power station, apparently. All the sites in this area are very close to each other.
We reached Krafla Volcano and explored the Viti Crater. On the way you’ll see the power station that produces electricity using geothermal vapor pressure.
Leirhnjukur – An hour-and-a-half long hiking route through lava fields and vapor emissions that smell of sulfur – amazing.
Hverir – A site with vapor emissions and bubbling mud pools.
Dimmuborgir – A hike through cooled down lava statues – There are a number of walking tracks at this site – We chose a short track.
MyvatnThere is no doubt that the entire Myvatn area is particularly unique. Try and devote more that one day to the place if you can, although in my opinion we saw the main sites in the area. Since we only had one day to spend there, we had to pass up on Askja and  Asbyrgi Canyon, including Dettifoss and Selfoss Falls that in retrospect we could have reached from Route 864.
In any case, it was a day filled with incredible and rare natural phenomena. We also understood from friends that Krafla – Viti is a kind of small Askja. 

Drive to Akureyri where we were staying. We stopped at the large and impressive Godafoss Falls along the way.
Akureyri- A beautiful city on Eyjafjordur Bay. The city overlooks the bay and its main road is relatively full (for Iceland) of restaurants and shops. These, and the church rising up high, all made our stay in this city pleasant. We ate at Buttin Restaurant which was recommended to us at our hotel – Edda Hotel.
The food was good and the prices were reasonable. Edda Hotel turns student dorm rooms into hotel rooms for the summer. The bathroom and toilet are shared by the entire floor, but were also convenient and clean.