Day 5: Eastern Fjords – Egillsstadir – Djupivogur – Borgarfjordur – Seydisfjordur


Drive on Route 1 from Hofn towards Djupivogur – A beautiful road along the seaside. We saw swans in the sea on the way.
Djupivogur – A small and pleasant town, with a small marina and a coffee shop. It's good for a short break, but there isn’t much to see. A boat leaves from there for the Papey Island - an island with a huge colony of puffins, sometimes nicknamed sea parrots. Since it's a relatively long boat trip, we decided not to go.
Drive from Egillsstadir over the Oxi Mountain Pass – Turn off Route 1 onto Route 939.
We stopped in Egillsstadir to freshen up and to change money at the bank. From there we continued on to the beautiful town of Seydisfjordur. Route 93 from Egillsstadir to Seydisfjordur is breathtakingly beautiful, with the road passing through glaciers and "Dalmatian" mountains.
Seydisfjordur – A picturesque and magical village, with houses built in the Norwegian style. There are coffee shops and restaurants on the edge of the bay, a beautiful church and a relaxed and calm atmosphere.
Borgarfjordur – A bay with a huge colony of puffins. The way there is a long and difficult one. Most of the drive is on winding dirt roads, with some sections completely fogged over, so we had to drive extremely slowly. We finally arrived to find, as promised, one of the largest nesting colonies we'd seen in Iceland yet and absolute heaven for the bird watchers among us.
After photographing an entire portfolio of the puffins and other birds, we returned the same way and spent the night at Hotel Hallormsstadur, 15km from Egillsstadir in a small forest. The bathroom and toilet are shared, but we were the only guests on the floor.


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